Sunday, October 2, 2011

~Last Movie I Watched- NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN~

4 of 5 stars

I think pretty much everything has already been said about this movie. Javier's bad hair, the amazing acting, dark story, unconventional storytelling (that made me uncomfortable.) Yet somehow I missed watching this movie until now.

Based on the 2003 novel by Cormac McCarthy this is a modern western directed by brothers Joel and Ethan Coen. Who frustrated me by not allowing the audience to see the final showdown between Anton (Javier Bardem) and Llewelyn (Josh Brolin) After all that suspenseful cat and mouse chasing, then nothing. The ending had me saying seriously that's its?? Its unconcluded. Basically a frustrating but great movie.

Official IMDB synopsis:
In rural Texas, welder and hunter Llewelyn Moss discovers the remains of several drug runners who have all killed each other in an exchange gone violently wrong. Rather than report the discovery to the police, Moss decides to simply take the two million dollars present for himself. This puts the psychopathic killer, Anton Chigurh, on his trail as he dispassionately murders nearly every rival, bystander and even employer in his pursuit of his quarry and the money. As Moss desperately attempts to keep one step ahead, the blood from this hunt begins to flow behind him with relentlessly growing intensity as Chigurh closes in. Meanwhile, the laconic Sherrif Ed Tom Bell blithely oversees the investigation even as he struggles to face the sheer enormity of the crimes he is attempting to thwart.


  1. Acting was superb. But I now don't trust anyone who wants to flip heads or tails on something.

  2. I have always wanted to watch this. Maybe I will go find it right now, cus I kinda like crazy.

  3. LOL Rohg I forgot about the coin flipping thing, I don't think I would trust that now either.

    D, Did you check this out?? It is definetly dark and crazy. Jazier is so good looking normally what a transformation, what a bad haircut!