Thursday, October 20, 2011

~LOVER REBORN IS OFFICIALLY DONE -let the countdown begin~

Well Ward finished Tohr's manuscript today and posted the official cover art for LOVER REBORN. Its very similar to the one leaked one we got a look at a few months ago but tweaked and looking slightly more Tohr-ish (although still not how I imagined him) Only 6 months to go...sigh

-From Ward on FB
"Tohr's draft is finally done! He came in at a WHOPPING 754 manuscript pages, a total of 176,937 words AND he's going to expand as I go through him the next two times soooooo we could be looking at a Rehv length (Avenged is the longest book in the series so far.) So... man, I'm wrung out- time to go for a run to work out the kinks!"

 -Ward last week on FB regarding, well tissues 
"Okay. Just cried like a little girl. Yup. Big time *sigh* Oh, get your tissues ready, ladies, Tohr just got me a good one and I didn't see it coming.... (well, not this particular teary thingy)"

I've also heard some really scary rumours regarding Wrath. Hasn't our King been through enough already?

Heres a cover comparism  The new (official cover ) is on the right. Better Yes?

And here's how I envision Tohrment.........................


  1. Yep...Butler is a great choice as Tohrment. He would actually be an excellent choice for a movie based on the series. If he can play the Phantom of the Opera and The leader in 300 he can do it all.

  2. Hey Rohg, how's it going? Talk about 2 very different movie roles. I actually hope the BDB never gets made into a movie because they coud never find actors big enough for the roles. (If you know what I mean?)

  3. LOL...and they also would have a hard time finding guys tall enough.

  4. Yeah thats what I meant. And then theres the whole "it" issue LOL

  5. From what I read they will have to hire Chuck Norris. 'IT' apparently is