Sunday, July 3, 2011

~LOVER REBORN cover??~

Jeez I go out of town for a few days and look what happens ...  

Initially I got all excited about this but then I started thinking, its kinda early for the cover art to be released isn't it? It's never come out this early before. I mean the book doesn't even hit the shelves until March 27/ of 2012.

 I have since discovered though that this is an unofficial cover even though it seems to have up popped up everywhere since it first appeared. (Who knows where it originated?) I'm glad this isn't the official version though because its not how I pictured Tohr looking at all. Ward's message boards are all "under construction" right now so I can't get any confirmation and so far there's been nothing on her Facebook page but I'll keep hunting.


  1. Holy crap....the only way this could be Thor is if this was taking just after his return from the clutches of death. Your view of him is quite close to what I imagine him to be.

  2. Hey I know right! Its not how I pictured him. I've found out this is not the final cover, its an unofficial version. It looks real though.

  3. It first came from Penguin's catalog. They often do this - make a 'rough draft cover' of their upcoming books so they at least have something to show in their catalog. They did the same with Meljean Brook's Heart of Steel cover (that's why there are two versions out there, but really it's just that the first one was unfinished.) JR said that they are still working on it.

  4. Julie, Thanks for clearing that up! :)
    I haven't been able to find any official info from Ward (I'm curious where you found out "they're still working on it"?

    This must be super frustrating for the publishers working on the real covers because I don't see this cover going away even when the final one is released

  5. LOL "They're still working on it" is my version of what she wrote on facebook. I posted it on my blog here: That's the last thing that was seen about it from Ward. :)