Sunday, July 17, 2011

~Last Movie I Watched: TRIAL BY FIRE~

This is one of those B movies that you find yourself stuck into on a Sunday afternoon when you're hungover. It actually wasn't that bad; lots of hunky firemen, moderately bad special effects, just the right amount of cheese and Brooke Burns (who I may have just developed a girl crush on.) She looks amazing here and isn't afraid to get dirty, obviously doing most of the training scenes herself - I do remember from her Baywatch days that she was a triathlete, not that I watched Baywatch or anything.

"We're smoke jumpers, danger comes with the job"

Official IMDB Synopsis: Kristin Scott is wrongfully blamed for the death of her father just prior to his retirement as a Captain with the fire department. Along with being the only female firefighter on her squad, this puts her at odds with the other members of her team and she resigns. To prove herself she tackles the grueling training of smoke jumping. This is a rugged type of firefighter who jumps out of airplanes directly into the flames.

LOL I seem to have gotten a little carried away posting photos of my new girlfriend (in my mind)
I've gotta start getting out more...


  1. No...No...That's all good. Keep on posting. Nothing wrong with this type of photo therapy.

  2. Yes Brooke Burns is my new girl crush, glad you approve Rohg. Now if only I swayed that way, my dreams might come true?

  3. Hmmm that second photo of her makes me think of something.