Thursday, April 12, 2012



Sins of the Flesh (Kith & Kynn, #1)

4 of 5 stars

 Opening Line: "Immortality was within his grasp, if only he'd reach for it."

Devon Carnavorn is bored with his immortal existence. He's also lonely having lost his creator and love of his life Ariel, a hundred years before. The orgies and endless string of nameless, faceless partners are wearing him out. However being a Sexual Vampire or 'Kynn' Devon needs the energy and connection obtained from the sexual act to survive. So what's a gorgeous, undead nightclub owner to do? He's considered suicide, walking into the sun would be quick and easy but he's never quite had the courage for his final act. Instead Devon coasts through decades of multiple partners both male and female in a vain hope that one day he will find his other half, his 'she-shaey'.

Just when it seems like he can't face another night the lovely but down on her luck Rachel walks into his Goth nightclub and applies for a waitressing job. Devon is immediately entranced and, Bonus, she bares the birthmark denoting her to be his other half. He wants her like no other, he wants her for eternity but he's going to have to play it cool; he can't scare her away and will defiantly have to ease her into his alternative lifestyle. Unable to keep his eyes off her as she works, Devon stares down from his office windows and visits her as she sleeps, having ghostly dream sex with her willing body. He even swears off woman, now having sex only with his protégé Julian. Devon then tries to woo Rachel with roses and gifts but she's not having it.

Rachel's had a hard time of late; she's just lost her business and is flat broke and this Goth scene isn't really her style. The uniforms are too revealing and the patrons too wild. She's only taken this job to get out of debt. Rachel has also been burned one too many times in love and even though she immediately desires Devon wanting him, fantasising about him while in the bathtub. She also has a rule she won't date the boss.

I enjoyed this book. It has an interesting story line and the characters and situations are detailed and well written. It's also quite romantic for erotica and contains a touching love story. The initial sexual encounter between our heroes doesn't take place until well into the book which I appreciated, reader foreplay if you will. The sex scenes are explicit though and for the most part dark with just about anything your into being done including; massages and sponge baths, mastrubation, bloodletting, multiple partners and male on male. So it's sure to please all...or some.

However SINS OF THE FLESH wasn't without its faults. Devon as the hero is very inconsistent in his behaviour. At times he's nervous and bumbling and in the next event becomes a masterful alpha male. Rachel has also been written as shy and nervous then turns into a bit of a gutter mouthed tramp. She's also way too trusting. For instance after waiting well over a hundred years for Rachel, courting her and now unable to live without her Devon surprises Rachel by inviting her to an orgy then tells her she must choose; if she loves him she will have sex with a lot of strangers and if she leaves she can never come back, its over. There's also a really strange scene in a public park involving a knife which would have had me screaming and putting up a fight instead of saying okay cut me, I trust you even though I don't really know you.

If you're looking for unique erotica involving vampires where just about anything goes then you will enjoy this dark love story.

And how yummy is it to see Alec O'laughlin from Moonlight again, damn I loved that show,


  1. (The orgies and endless string of nameless, faceless partners are wearing him out.)....What a sad story.

  2. LMAO, Rohg, you kill me!

    Yeah he's had a tough go of things. Oh and he's georgeous and immortal too. Poor guy

  3. You mean he has to endure this forever...Wonder where you can apply for a job like that.