Monday, September 12, 2011

~TONS of *Spoilers* from Ward's Sept 10 book signing in Cincinnati -ENVY & LOVER REBORN~

Okay. I got stole details from several sources regarding Ward's latest book signing and Q&A  in Cincinnati on Sept 10. MAJOR SPOILERS ahead and a *Language warning* as Ward has been know to let the "occasional" F-Bomb fly!

-Did Devina cheat with Eddie? She did not cheat this time.

-Is there a return of Eddie? Hope so, yes.

-Do you have authors or other inspiration for writing? Wrath was the first word out of her mouth. Then said no other authors inspire her. She is a writer and must write each and every day.

-What will Mary & Rhage’s child be? A girl. Can’t you just see when she starts dating and Daddy’s dragon tries to eat her dates.

-How many BDB books will you write? Will write as many books as her readers will continue to buy.
There will be an awesome new male introduced in Lover Reborn named “Asail”

-Muhrder will get his own book

-She has written Mary & Rhage’s novella, but still needs to write Beth & Wrath’s. Can’t finish until she finishes Tohr’s book. No date yet for the novellas to be published.

-Is Wrath white or African American? 1st he isn’t a human, nor is he or any of the brothers pasty-ass white boys. They are tanned skinned, so not white or black

-Will Butch & V ever be together? Who says they haven’t already been together and we don’t know about it (she even laughed and said this will show up on the internet)

-She said it needs to be next after Tohr’s book. 2 things have to happen in Tohr’s book to set it up – Team Qhuay won’t be happy with one of the things that happens. Both must happen for their book to be ready.

-Will we see more cross-over between BDB/Angel series? They will be in Caldwell from now on, so very possible to see cameos from each series.
What is dog? Answer to dog is in dog.

-Zsadist is her favorite character (Mine too)

-Will Jim get a happy ending? Yes he will.

-Score is tied 1-1 after Crave. How did Jim lose? He tried to help the wrong guy.

-When will Nalla find out about Zsadist’s history and what will be her reaction? She will read about it. This will throw Z back into the world of the Mistress again. Will always worry about how Nalla sees him now. Also how any male she would mate with would see him. Never gave a total answer about Nalla’s reaction, but seemed like it wouldn’t be good.

-Will Trez & iAm get their own books? Also asked about future threesomes. Yes they will get books. We have not met iAm’s mate yet. Would not comment on future threesomes. We will see more of Trez & iAm in future books.

-Tohr’s new mate is No’ One. Very long book and will be broken up into 4 sections – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Tohr is not ready for a new mate yet, so takes some time for him to be ready for a new mate. ***Will need lots of Kleenex for this book***

-Lassiter will be seen a lot in Tohr’s book.

-Payne & Manny’s book and Tohr’s book were happening at the same time. There was much overlapping in action that occurred, so Payne & Manny’s book focused mostly on them. Tohr’s book will have more focus on the brothers. Will see more of the brothers together in Tohr’s book. Tohr is the last original brother.

-How did you pick a dragon for Rhage? When she first saw Rhage he took off his shirt & she saw the dragon tattoo moving on his back.

-Devina & Adrian thing – She is a parasite and she is in Adrian. Must keep reading to find out if she get Adrian.

-Will Layla ever have sex? (she actually dropped the microphone with this question) Yes and you won’t like who it is with

-Who is next for Fallen Angel series? You will know at the end of Envy.

-Will we see more of Scribe Virgin? Lash? We will see more of the Scribe Virgin. She hates Lash with a passion and he is such a shit. Answer to Lash was at the end of Lover Mine.

-What would it take to have the BDB to move to movie/mini-series (HBO)? Has to be the right situation. Her concern and focus will always be the books.

-What will happen with Sissy? Jim will save her.

-Brothers will start training again. Must have families return to Caldwell first.

-Will we see more of the Sympaths in the future? Most likely will help with battle between Wrath & Xcore & his band of bastards.

-Wrath will never get his eyesight back.

-Lassiter & the Brothers hate each other. Lassiter is a dick. However, we will see another side of Lassiter in Tohr’s book.

-How did she pick Brother’s music? JR listens to rap & hip/hop.

-Was questioned about Jane forgiving V so quickly in Lover Unleashed. Jane knew who/what V was when she decided to be with him. In fact, she was pretty defensive of Jane’s choice. Jane knew V was a Dom and had to accept him for who he is from the very beginning.

-What is her favorite book? One she is currently writing.

-Will we see Qhuinn’s brother again? Yes and she said the line “might be a Lessor” a couple of times.

-No’One’s name will be revealed in Tohr’s book.

-Asked if No’One is Throe’s sister? No answer given, but seemed like a yes based on body language.
-What about the Omega? He has been very quiet in the books, but not quiet for what is going on.

-Tohr’s book will be at least 700 pages. She is about half way through it now.

-Question about Qhuinn’s piercings. He took them out while he is working to redefine himself. Some piercings have not been taken out. Others will return once he leaves his unhappy place

-Would we ever get a prequel for Darius? Most likely no since there is no happy ending.

-Does Layla losing her virginity have anything to do with Qhuinn’s vision? Big no answer, but again I will guess yes based on body language.

~Some more tidbits from another source although most are repetitions.~
1. Is Wrath white or Black? Hello he is a vampire!!! he ain't no pasty ass white boy. He is tan skinned.

2. ENVY SPOILER!!!! Eddie didn't go because Devina cheated this book. She "hopes" he can return. She likes him alot.

3. Rhage and Mary are having....? a girl. Can you imagine coming to meet her dad? hi this is my dad and so is this!!! ROAR!!!

4. Will Murhder get a book? ABSOLUTELY!!

5. Will Butch and V every "get together"? She smiled and said "who says they haven't???

6. Will the BDB and FA merge? She said not totally but you will continue to see the beothers in the angels. FA is suspence where BDB is an epic story.

7. What is dog? She said a small fury animal that likes kibble. Then said thats all I can say on that subject.

8. Does Jim get a HEA? YES!!!!

9. Does Jim save Sissy? YES!!!

10. Who is the next book? She said she was drawing a heart and wrote a Q and B. She said " i think its their time guys". We all cheer and she said " WAIT!! I didnt say it was them but it is time. If everything happens in Lover Reborn that should happen it will be them but LR is gonna PISS PEOPLE OFF!! be warned!!!

11. Does JM have issues with Murhder coming back? Wouldn't you? He is gonna be much happier with him getting it on with someone else!!! However it will depend on how Murhder "comes in" and then she laughed at herself.

12. Do the shadow brothers get a book? Yes!! Then the girl asked if they would have a threesome and JR flipped. She said EEWWWW...they are brothers!

13. Tohr's mate is....? No'One. Very complex romance and get your tissued ready. His story will be told in 4 seasons.

14. Another insider book? Yes but not for a few more books.

15. What about Lassiter? he will be in the next book TONS!!

16. Fav quote from Lover Reborn so far? Tohr talking about Rhage "He is slapping his money maker like bread do.

17. Will Layla FINALLY have sex? she laughs and tells the "coming story" from Saratoga. Then says yes but we won't be happy with who it is and how it happens.

18. Have we seen the last of Lash? YES. He is a shit. I hate him.

19. What about the Scribe Virgin? She needs a large dose of prozac.

20. Will the Darius/JM secret be told? NO. NEVER! Cant be told. Xhex knows something is there but can't tell what. He will still have seizures.

21. A movie? She has no control if there is a movie made. She only has control out of the books. However, she said where will they find men with "attributes" of the brothers???? You gonna stick a bicycle pump up their ass to blow them up? Casting would be difficult and she doesnt want her readers upset

22. What about Sissy? She jumps up and down and says I wanna tell!! Then she said YES he saves her. Then she sings "lets get it on"!!!

23. Does the training return at the compound? Yes but first people need to return to Caldwell.

24.What is going to stop the Bastards? She said 1 of 2 things....humans find them OR the brothers join with with the sympaths!!!!! That would chill them the fuck out!! Then she proceeds to say how Xcor needs plasctic surgery to get with her. She would need a paper bag over his face or turn the lights WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY down.

25. Will Wrath see again? No

26. Why do the Brothers hate Lassiter? He is a jackass!! He is an ass. He is a dick. He is an angel w/o compassion. She said he was sent back to help TOhr regain compassion but also to help him find some.

27. The music she selects, where does it come from? She said ME! I am not the typical rap/hip hop listener but I love it. I like Eminem, Tupac, Akon, etc.

28. Who is your fav female? She is alot like Marissa but feels closest to Beth.

29. Will we see Qhuinn's brother again? Very interesting place is where he is being held. She wonders if he is a lesser now........

30. Does No'One have a name? YES

31. Is No'One Throe's sister? She smiles amd said I am sorry the English language has escaped me!!!!!

32. Why has the Omega been quiet in the last book? She said he was quiet in the books but not in activity.

33. Longest book so far? She said Revh is swinging his dick in pride that his is the longest. The she says "the more I play with Tohr the longer he gets" which cracked herself up.

34. Will Qhuinn get his piercings back or is he done with them? She said he is still trying to find himself because he isn't comfy in his skin unlike Blay with being gay. She said when he finds himself they will return however she pointed out not ALL his piercings are gone!!!

35. A preq for Darius? No because she can't do a happy ending.

36. Does Layla lose her virginity to Qhuinn? She smiles and won't answer the question. She then said that Qhuinn doesn't understand why relationships with females never satisfied him.

37. How is your relationship with V? It is better after Unleashed but he is a smart ass stubborn SOB so she will always want to strangle him. When someone mentioned how he treated Jane in Unleashed she defended him and said Jane KNEW what she was mated to so she either had to forgive him or move the fuck on!!

38. Fav book? The book I am working on now cuz I know it isnt fucked up yet!!!


  1. Thanks Buggy, this is great. I actually learned new stuff. I did not know that Lassiter was a dick, I only knew of IT.

  2. It always coms back to "It"

  3. LMAO...Yeah i remember THAT post on Chapters.

  4. If Layla has sex with Quinn, I will quit the BDB Forever! I want her to do Xcor, he derves it.

    Good answer about Vishous, she should have just given him to Butch.

    Thanks Buggy!

  5. D, Excellent to see you here!!

    Wasn't this a great bunch of spoilers!

    I agree about Layla doing Xcor, but I think Ward wants a Quinn/Blay baby...somehow

    TOTALLY agree about Vutch, should have just gone there to begin with. Sigh

  6. I read someone’s comment on another blog concerning the whole Qhuinn/Layla situation, and I think that person may be on to something. In Ward’s spoilers, she says we won’t be happy about who & how Layla loses her virginity. Therefore, in my opinion, since Layla wants Qhuinn, it won’t be him. So, below is this person’s theory:
    I think Qhuinn & Throe may be related. When Xcor asked Throe how many in the glymera he was related to he said '5.' Also, in the scene with Kandy, she thought something about his 'weird eyes.' So could Throe possibly be Layla's mate? And maybe Qhuinn's vision is about Throe and Layla's child. And their child’s eyes are like Qhuinn's eyes because it has something in their bloodline?
    What do ya’ll think? I am SO anxious for April to get here. I think this book will be one of the best. I love Thor. And I like how this one will focus more on the brothers, and finally seal who will be with whom among Qhuinn, Blay, Saxton, and Layla.

  7. Hi Joanna,

    I think that Throe and Layla are going to get together too, I'm also thinking that she is gong to go through her needing and someone will have to step up and thats how she loses her virginity. Originally I thought it would be Qhuinn because of the whole different colored eyes baby but now I'm thinking Throe.

    Interesting theory about Throe and Qhuinn being related that hadn't crossed my mind before.

    I know, I can't wait for Tohrs book either, he's always been a favorite and he deserves to find love but it will be hard to forget Wellsie.