Wednesday, June 8, 2011

~REVIEW of Jessica Bird's A MAN IN A MILLION~

A Man In A Million (The Moorehouse Legacy, #4)
4 of 5 stars

Opening Line "Spike Moriarty raced down Park Avenue, legs pumping, arms swinging, black leather jacket flapping behind him in the night air."

This was my very first Silhouette Romance but because I'm such a huge fan of JR Ward and the Black Dagger Brotherhood I wanted to give her alter ego Jessica Bird a try. This is a good story and I loved the two main characters. Madeline is well written as a strong, take-charge kind of woman and Spike is just lovely as her troubled, tattooed love interest. I did find certain similarities between Spike and/or Zsadist/Phury and that definitely wasn't a bad thing.

A MAN IN A MILLION is relatively predictable, following the standard romance recipe. Spike and Madeline meet at a party each is attracted to the other but misread their intentions as Mad has trust issues and Spike had a troubled past he thinks would scare her away. A mutual friend sets the two up, sending Spike along as back up while Madeline confronts her brother Richard regarding her trust fund. The two manage to fall in love over the next few days at the family mansion before several misunderstandings tear them apart.

Whether writing as JR Ward or Jessica Bird the writing here is top notch. I really enjoyed the fact that Madeline was an Olympic athlete and Spike was a tattooed, Harley riding French chef. These were different character traits then I'd read before and made for an interesting story. The conflict between Mad and her brother was also well done as was the eventual forgiving found with her sister Amelia. The secondary characters are also well developed and the banter between Spike and his friend Sean is as I'd previously enjoyed between the `Brotherhood'. At times I did find myself irritated by the several misunderstandings our duo had to endure before they found their HEA but all in all this was still a worthwhile read.

If you like tattooed, Harley riding romantic leads with troubled pasts and strong females then this is a book that you will enjoy.

Here's the correct reading order for the series (The Moorehouse Legacy)
1-Beauty And The Black Sheep
2-His comfort and Joy
3-From The First
4-A Man In A Million

(The O'Banyon Brothers)Bird/Ward has never completed series
1-The Billionaire Next Door

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