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The Vampire Shrink (Kismet Knight, Ph.D., Vampire Psychologist #1)
5 of 5 stars

Opening Line: "My involvement with vampires began innocently enough."

Dr. Kismit Knight is a respected Denver Psychologist who doesn't believe in the paranormal. She especially doesn't believe in Vampires. Kismit's character has been written like a real person, not your average romance heroine, she could be you or me and that's what makes it so great when she stumbles into the Vampire world. It could also be you or me.

The story begins with Dr. Knight taking on a patient with a Vampire fetish. The girl frequents a Goth club and has a crush on the owner, who she claims is a Vampire. She in fact wants to become one of the undead. Kismit of course thinks she's crazy but decides that this Vampire culture would be a great idea for a book. Kismit puts an ad in the newspaper promoting herself as the "Vampire Shrink" hoping to gain valuable research material. What she doesn't count on is meeting Devereux. The 800 year old, wealthy and extremely gorgeous club owner. After a two year drought in her sex life Kismit finds herself inexplicably drawn to him even though she thinks he's delusional for indeed claiming to be a Vampire. Through a series of misadventures and blood drained bodies she also finds herself spending time with FBI profiler Alan Stevens. Enter the love triangle.

Throughout this story we get to hear Dr. Knights running internal dialogue and it's awesome, especially after she learns that Devereux can read her mind. "Yes I desire you as well" he whispered into my mind.

The climax takes place at a Vampire ball on Halloween night. With a gruesome multiple-personality antagonist named Lucifer out to kill Devereux and drain Dr. Knights blood. It also finds FBI man Alan dressed as Gary Oldman from the movie Dracula. This is a hilarious book, full of sassy sarcasm and cool wit. It is also quite sexy. With both love interests more than suitable as romance material.

Highly recommended for fans of sexy Vampires, sexy FBI men, sarcastic wit, paranormal romance and an all around good read. I'm looking forward to reading (DARK HARVEST) next to see where the series takes us.

Excerpt from the Vampire Shrink:
"I choose fictional creatures for 500$ Alex."
Propping my feet up on the chair that'd been recently vacated by the firm hindquarters of the cutest FBI agent I'd ever seen, I raised my coffee cup in a solitary toast to the memory of his tight jeans exiting my kitchen and loudly vocalized the theme song from the TV game show Jeopardy.

I put on my best Alex Trebek voice. "These bloodsucking undead denizens of the night have taken over the rational minds of the populace of Denver" I pretended to push an invisible button on the table.

"What are vampires?" imitating Alex again

"Yes our new winner is Dr Kismit Knight formally a respected psychologist now a permanent resident of Denver Psychiatric Hospital"

I sang the theme song again, applauded myself and heaved a huge sigh. I definitely didn't get enough sleep."


  1. Great review Buggy. This would make a great Canadian T.V. has that Blood Ties and Forever Knight feel to it, with an added bonus of humour.

  2. Buggy: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my book! I'm so happy you liked it. There is a new book #2 called Blood Therapy which will be out in 2012. The old book #2 (Dark Harvest) is out of print and is being rewritten. It will come out in rewritten/expanded form in the future. I really appreciate you!
    Lynda Hilburn

  3. Thanks Rohg. I know, I know I stole the photo from Blood Ties. It would make a great Tv series though. Windy and wet here on my island tonight. Good chance we'll lose the power

  4. Lynda Hilburn what a thrill to hear from you!

    I actually wrote this review over a year ago and have been pimping your book out to my friends ever since. I also read (and enjoyed) Dark Harvest, which it appears I'll have to read again when its reissued as Blood Therapy. All good news, I'd always hoped your series would continue on.
    Thanks for commenting

  5. LOL...I hope you're talking about the weather.

  6. You are a very bad man. I knew as soon as I hit publish that those words were a mistake.

    Yes there has been lots of RAIN and high WINDS. My fairy might be cancelled tomorrow... Come to think of it all fairies should be cancelled.

  7. I know it's been awhile, but back in October of last year their was mention of a third book, Blood Therapy, that is in development. I don't know if that's still the case, as I have seen nothing to indicate such on Hilburn's website, but regardless, I'm not entirely sure at this point as to whether I'd even choose to continue this series if there are more books forthcoming. I really liked the first book, but I disliked the second to such a degree that I feel a bit reluctant to give the series another go. And as I already know I'm in the minority with this review, I don't know how I'd be able to judge with any level of certainty whether the third would be to my taste even with reviews. I guess it's a moot point for the moment. We'll see.

  8. A couple of years ago, I read the first version of this book. Well denver psychologist Kismet Knight believes in what is tangible.