Monday, August 15, 2011


If Looks Could Chill (Passion For Danger, #2)
4 of 5 stars

Opening line: “She seems young"

Another great addition to the Passion For Danger series, I sure do like Nina Bruhns style of writing, it’s filled with clever often witty dialogue, tons of action/suspense and to die for alpha heroes. This time around we even get a heartbreaking, Cajun, spouting enough Creole French to charm the pants off of just about anyone.

 Thankfully with this addition the storyline is more grounded then it was in Shoot To Thrill (book #1) and doesn’t require such a suspension to of reality to get through. It does however give us too much of a good thing when it comes to secondary romances and I found myself bogged down by the over abundance of characters, subplots, and evolving 3rd and 4th party love stories. All of whom are vying for attention.

At times I lost track of our main couple who in the midst of things get completely forgotten about while we follow Quinn & Darcy (loved them) and Alex, Rebel &Wade. Of course then there’s also Gina’s evolving drama. All of this was just too much and subsequently nobody got the page time and character development they deserved. I am however now completely invested in this series and can’t wait to see where things go next for… (This is where I’m supposed to say Gina and Gregg) the H/h from A KISS TO KILL but I have a feeling it will also be a multiple storyline read so I’ll just say for everyone. Cheers

Louisianna Bayou fishing shack
Louisiana state trooper Tara Reeves is on the hunt for the cause of the mysterious animal deaths that have been plaguing the Louisiana bayou. She thinks she might be onto a meth lab but what she finds is even scarier. A foreign terrorist cell is plotting an attack on US soil and they’ve been testing their deadly anthrax/bird flu agent with catastrophic results. Their next target is for sure going to be human. Enlisting the help of local (supposed) swamp guide Marc Lafayette the pair enters the murky waters of the bayou. In the cramped quarters of this Cajun bad boys kayak it isn’t long before they can’t keep their hands to themselves and Marc’s guide ruse is so busted. He’s got an agenda of his own and is actually part of a covert special ops team sent out to destroy the terrorists. Now he’s also going to have to baby-sit an interfering, beautiful cop. Non merci.

This is of course only one of the four running plotlines. We also have Gina who’s been kidnapped by the terrorists, Agents Bobby Lee and Quinn who until now had been having a strictly sexual relationship… (Yikes the L word) and Rebel and Alex who kind of like each other more then the people they’re involved with.


  1. Merci Beaucoup Rohg, Are you tring to charm me?? LOL

  2. spouting enough Creole French to charm the pants off of just about anyone....LMAO