Sunday, August 14, 2011

~BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD NEWS from Ward's Aug 13 booksigning~

Here's all the news I managed to scrounge up from Ward's book signing on Aug 13. Damn I wish I could have been there. I borrowed stole this from several sources and I hope nobody minds.The bulk of the info came from :// and Goodreads.

Here's basically what was said, And remember Ward likes to use the F-bomb.

- The WARDen is currently writing Rhage and Mary’s novella, which has now transformed into a short book. She is approximately three-quarters complete with this story.

- Ward knew that writing Tohr’s book was going to have to be written, and she knew it was going to be hard for her. Tohr has been through so much and is still in love with Wellsie. It was extremely hard for Ward to write Tohr’s journey. She said that even though he physically may be attracted to someone, the heart and mind may take a while to follow. Usually the Brother’s books take place over a very short timeline. Lover Reborn will take place over the course of a year.

- During Lover Unleashed, we were all waiting for a big family reunion between the Scribe Virgin, Vishous and Payne… but it never happened! Ward stated that it is going to be a while before this little family is on good grounds. The SV is at rock bottom right now, and it will take her a while to get out of it.

- Lassiter will be getting his own book. Ward is going to keep him with the Brothers, but can see how his story crosses over to the Fallen Angels series.

- Ward stated that Qhuinn and Blay fans will not be happy with Lover Reborn (loud groan from the room). She then said, “You all need to chill the fuck out. You know it’s going to happen. Just give it some time!” The room broke out in laughter. Ward stated that about three-quarters of the way through Lover Reborn it will be very clear who will end up together.

- When asked if there will be a cohntehst in the series, Ward responded “Absolutely, 100%.” However, she did not mention who. [Perhaps Murhder and John Matthew ]
- Assail is a new character that will be showing up in Lover Reborn. Ward mentioned that next to Z, he is her favorite character. “Assail is the shit!”

- There will be a threesome in the Envy and Lover Reborn. [woot woot!]

- We will see a new member inducted into the Brotherhood in Lover Reborn or the following book.
 Ward did not mention who this character will be.

- Jose de la Cruz will appear in Envy, as well as a future BDB book where he runs into Butch! Jose is out to dinner with his wife at a fancy restaurant, and sees Butch across the room with a gorgeous female. Their eyes connect, and Jose knows that it’s Butch… then he remembers nothing. Butch wipes his memory!

- Ward can see a “pretty cool cross over between the BDB and Fallen Angel series.”

- It is planned who Trez and iAm end up with: one of the characters we have already met, and one we have not.

- Ward has a third series outlined, but would not give any details regarding it. She does not know if this series will ever come to light because she is still extremely busy with the Brothers and Fallen Angels.

- When asked if Rhage will be in the next book, Ward said “there is a highly anticipated, hilarious scene with Rhage in Lover Reborn.”

- Before Dark Lover was published, Ward send a copy to a list of reviewers for feedback. One of the reviewers said “if you love LA Banks you will love JR Ward.” Ward was extremely honored to be included in the same category as LA Banks since Ward followed her and honored her work. She was extremely upset about the loss of LA Banks.

The best part?
 JR Ward  was asked “Since I know you won’t tell us what Layla’s talent is, can you pleeeease tell us when we will find out what it is?” She thought about this for a moment, then said, “Well, it’s coming…” and thought some more about when it would be. As she was thinking, the entire room burst into laughter. Ward then realized that she implied that Layla’s talent was ‘coming.’ Ward laughed so hard that she began to cry and could barely speak to answer the question. She then walked over and gave a huge high-five for making her laugh so hard. I then proceeded to freaked out, and squeal like a ten year old girl to my book club bitches.

 More tidbits.

-She's 3/4 of the way through with Rhage and Mary's novella about them getting a kid. She said the beast plays a part in it, and according to her it's adorable.

-she felt Phury's book was too much abt his addiction and not enough of his relationship with Cormia.

-asked if Throe and Rhage are related, she said "keep reading"

-band of bastards and brotherhood are going to go through intense stuff
She said there's a critical fight in Tohr's book.

-someone asked her whether Michael, from her story of son story would appear in brotherhood bks' she doesn't know. she said maybe their kids

-when asked if she has an aversion to baby powder in real life, she said yes; she hates the smell of it

-there was a question about Wrath and Beth and why Beth forgave him so quickly after all his lying and stuff...that got the audience going when a woman in the front row answered "I know why she forgave him so fast!" JR, almost rolled on the floor laughing at the reference to his "size", and said "yeah, let's leave it at that!"

TONS more spoilers here;     -from the Sept 10 booksigning


  1. Thanks for the info Buggy. Wow! Layla's blessing...oops I meant talent was coming...Now that would have been some story.

  2. You're welcome Rohg, you better get reading.
    Layla yeah, That would be quite the talent to have and quite the story to write. Hmmm I guess thats what erotica is

  3. I guess it could be the start of a new series...The Pink Screamers Sisterhood.

  4. This book drew me in, and even though I found the book somewhat profane in its use of language, it didn't detract at all from the overall quality of the book. I will say that if you are bothered by graphic sex and language, this book (series) might be hard for you to read. Having said that, there is much more to this book than the sex and rough language. Overall, excellent!