Friday, August 5, 2011

~Last Movie I Watched: DINOSAUR~

Another movie I watched (many times) while my 3 year old nephew was visiting. He loved this, what boy doesn't love dinosaurs? I liked it, the story was very similar to Ice Age but I'm told this came out first. Interesting use of computer graphics with real scenery (water, trees, land etc.) Some scary scenes.

 Official IMDB Synopsis: During an attack on a pack of Iguanodon, an egg is separated and ends up with the possession of a group of lemurs. The lemurs care for this egg and the young creature born from it, which they call Aladar. When a meteor shower hits earth, Aladar and his family must leave their homeland. Away from home and as close to danger as they have ever been, they meet up with a huge group of dinosaurs, led by Kron and Bruton. All together they are trying to reach the nesting grounds, but it's not going to be easy.

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