Saturday, August 27, 2011

~REVIEW of Nina Bruhns' A KISS TO KILL~

A Kiss to Kill (Passion For Danger, #3)
5 of 5 stars

Opening Line: “They were using her as bait.”

Oh I liked this one and I agree with others that this is the best of the Passion For Danger trilogy. Its like Bruhns finally got the formula right here with each character getting just the right amount of page time, an exciting but not over-the-top storyline and the perfect balance of action/suspense to romance. It could also be said though that I’ve gotten used to her style and didn’t expect to read exclusively about just one couple. I actually enjoyed the multiple romances taking place this time around and since I’ve read these back to back (thanks to advice from other reviews) I was also seriously invested in the characters and seeing them through to their HEA’s.

 All in all this was a great read that I was sad to see come to an end. Theres some excellent action scenes; Rebel and Alex diving the “Allah’s Paradise” wreck during one of his flashbacks (yikes) and quite a few LOL funny moments including male bonding “fist bumps” and the continued witty banter between agents. The love scenes remain heartfelt and super steamy with just the right amount of alpha maleness thrown in.

I should mention that in order to fully appreciate the back story and romantic build up involved here this series should be read in order, as almost all of the characters stories began in book #1 SHOOT TO THRILL and are only now are seeing through to their conclusions.

Pegged as Gina and Gregg’s book -although as I said all the couples receive equal page time, this couple met eight months ago. Back then scientist Dr Gina Cappozi and black-ops agent Gregg Van Halen were (fantastic) lovers until Gregg committed the ultimate betrayal, turning Gina over to the hands of the terrorists. Tortured for several months, while they utilized her bio chemical talents to perform acts of terrorism Gina was rescued in the last book A KISS TO KILL and has now made it her mission to kill the man she once loved. Of course that wouldn’t be any fun especially now that she’s being targeted by kidnappers again and it seems that Gregg is the only one who can help her. Even if he is slightly controlling, in and out of the bedroom.

This is however only one of several ongoing plotlines we also; Alex and Rebel who have finally gotten it together, although he has a few surprises about why they can’t stay that way and newcomer detective Sarah McPhee and rebound specialist Wade Montana. Hmm, more secrets there too. While all the love is going on the agents are still running around trying to discover the identity (didn’t see that coming) of the person responsible for the terrorist attacks and also to stop “the trigger” from killing the president. All these subplots blend well this time into a fast paced romantic thriller. Cheers


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