Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Drop Dead Gorgeous (Love At First Bite #2)
3 of 5 stars

“It was the best sex she'd had in months. The only sex. Which wouldn't be such a bad thing except that the elusive O came courtesy of a red vibrator called the Big Tamale rather than some hot, buff cowboy with a slow hand and an intoxicating smile.”

So with an opening paragraph like this you know you’re in for a fun ride and for the most part DROP DEAD GORGEOUS doesn’t disappoint. This is book 2 from Kimberly Raye’s sexy and hilarious Love At First Bite trilogy. Set in Skull Creek Texas these quickie romances follow the small town antics and love connections of some rather eccentric but completely likable women as they get their groove on and find true love with gorgeous Texan cowboys who also just happen to be Vampires.

Dillon Cash used to be the biggest geek in Skull Creek until he inadvertently got between two warring vampires, losing his human life in the process. Now he’s back and better than ever, in fact except for whole burning to a crisp in the sun thingy and a small aversion to garlic, his new life rocks. This former nerdy computer tech’s been transformed into a hunka, hunka burning vampire love and every woman in town wants a piece of him.

Meg Sweeny or “Manhandler Meg” as she’s been known since high school, can’t believe the changes in her old friend Dillon. Now not only does she want his body but she wants his secret as well. You see Meg is a closeted geek and if Dillon can suddenly morph into a stud then theres a chance that with a little of his instruction she can become the much desired sex kitten she’s always wanted to be too.

All Dillon wants to do is erase his geeky reputation and blaze a trail as the towns studliest guy, possibly even emerging #1 on the coveted "Randiest Rooster" list. But theres something about his old pal Meg he can’t refuse, she see’s past his new muscles and heartthrob status and damn if he hadn’t always thought she was irresistible anyways. Our couple engage in a cat and mouse game of who’s seducing who and of course lose their hearts in the process.

Although I didn’t enjoy this as much as Dead Sexy this was still a good read. My only real problem being that geek heroes just don’t do it for me and regardless of his hot vampire makeover I never felt much of anything for Dillon. Even the love scenes (which are plenty spicy) didn’t work for me. But that’s just me. However the truly great thing about this series (besides the fact that it’s frigging hilarious) is the awesome cast of unconventional townsfolk and the crazy adventures they manage to get themselves into. Raye has written this in such an endearing, fun way that I find myself wanting to move to Skull Creek just so that I can spend Friday nights at Joe Bob’s Bar and Grill and buy my groceries at the local Piggly Wiggly. Not to mention the fact that I might bag myself a cowboy Vamp and make it onto the Gazette’s hot chicks list. Cheers


  1. Awesome review Buggy. The only downside is that I will never look at Mexican food the same way. Tacos are in, Tamales are out.

  2. Hey Rohg, long time no hear :) I'm having a bit of trouble logging on/posting here myself lately because they have updated things and its no longer compatable with my computer, anyways this is a pretty fun series I like the small town aspect (I can relate) sadly no hunky cowboy vampires here on the island

  3. I got the same message for the no longer compatible with my browser and I can't post with my computer with XP installed but it works with no problem with my other comp with Windows 7 installed.

  4. Hunky vampire cowboys? I may just have to venture back into the Blaze books again . . . Who knew? I gave up on Blaze when they kept selling me the same stupid innocent heroine "trying to be bad" but it sounds as if they've moved on. Great review Buggy, I'm going to see if I can find this as my local store tomorrow.