Saturday, August 20, 2011

~Last movie I watched-THE WAY BACK~

.53 of 5 stars

An incredible story (these men escaped a Russian gulag and WALKED from Siberia to India, I mean come on.) Anyways...

Based on the memoir THE LONG WALK which was written in 1959. I had really been looking forward to this movie after reading the amazing true story and maybe my expectations were too high but I came away a little disappointed. Actually preferring the book over the movie (except for the lack of Colin Ferrell)  

The movie itself was very long movie and kind of jumped around a lot. Granted they had a lot of material to cover. Ed Harris was excellent as American Mr Smith (love him) and Colin Ferrell (love him a bit more) was awesome as a tattooed gang-style prisoner, with an amazing Russian accent. As a point of interest his character is not in the book. The scenes in the blizzard and the Gobi desert stand out to me and are brutal but well done.

Official IMDB Synopsis:
In 1941, three men reach India from Tibet, having walked 4000 miles after escaping a Siberian gulag. The film tells their story and that of four others who escaped with them and a teenage girl who joins them in flight. The group's natural leader is Janusz, a Pole condemned by accusations secured by torturing his wife; he knows how to live in the wilds. They escape under cover of a snowstorm: a cynical American, a Russian thug, a comic accountant, a pastry chef who draws, a priest, and a Pole with night blindness. They face freezing nights, lack of food and water, mosquitoes, an endless desert, the Himalayas, and moral questions of when to leave someone behind.

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