Sunday, August 14, 2011

~Last Movie I watched- KISS THE BRIDE~

3 of 5 stars

From 2002 this was an okay movie, kinda cute, slice of life surrounding a family and a the wedding of one of the daughters. It had a huge cast of which I recognized almost all the faces  from assorted movie and TV projects. Oddly the mother and father of the bride here are Adrian and Paulie of Rocky fame (Talia Shire & Burt Young). This was just weird to me and felt ...well wrong. Alysess Milano as a lesbian on the other hand...
Official IMD Synopsis: In Rhode Island, in the Italian-American family Sposato, Danni is going to marry Geoffrey Brancato. Danni lives with her parents Santo and Irena and is the third and 'the good daughter' of her family. Her three sisters come for her wedding: the older Nikki, a successful TV starlet, who works in a TV show very similar to 'Baywatch'. Nikki brings her boy-friend and manager Marty Weinberg to be introduced to her family. Chrissy, who deals with investments in Wall Street; and the rebel younger Toni , who plays in a rock-and- roll band with her lesbian lover Amy Kayne. Together, they have meals in the restaurant of Tom Terranova, the former and first love of Nikki. Many discussions of the Sposato family show wounds not healed, when the characters expose their real feelings.
Cast; Amanda Detmer, Frank D'Amico, Sean Patrick Flanery, Burt Young, Talia Shire, Alyssa Milano, Brooke Langton, Vanessa Parise, Monet Mazur, Johnathon Schaech, Johnny Whitworth, Donna D'Errico

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