Sunday, June 19, 2011

~WILTW (Van Damn edition)~

Here's what I loved this week...

  • Well in all honesty there wasn't a whole lot to love this week. I live just outside of Vancouver and our hockey team losing to Boston was the least of the problems as I watched a riot rage downtown for 5+ hours afterwards. There just aren't any words. Still I've tried to find a few bright moments amidst the rubble. See ya next year Canucks, it was a great season!

Thanks Lou!

A police car is randomly decorated with love and thank you notes following Wednesday nights

    Thousands of messages are left from Vancouverites on the “Wall of Love” outside the boarded up broken windows of the Bay 
    Mayor Gregor Robertson and Premier Christy Clark look at the memory wall
The "kissing couple"

....and not so much

We also lost Betty Fox this week. Which just makes me want to cry, what a special lady.


  1. Maybe the kissing couple are related to that other famous kissing couple in New York after W.W.2. here is the link but you'll have to copy paste for it to work....

  2. Thanks Rohg, thats one of my favorite pictures. I actually had it up on here for a while. There has been alot of goodness come out in the riot too, thats what I wanted to show.