Sunday, June 5, 2011


-Or a pessimist tries to be positive

  • Playoffs Hockey-

  • Hockey fever takes over Vancouver; business's closing early, street parties, the entire city smiling and dressed in blue and green. Approx seventy thousand people descend on downtown Vanc Saturday night to watch the game on big screens and celebrate 2 home wins over Boston. Very reminiscent of the Olympics.


    • In other local (Hockey) news; Bono gets picked up hitchhicking in West Vancouver by Gilbert Brule of the Edmonton Oilers. This story is so random and awesome. You can bet everyone is stopping for hitchhickers now, never know who you'll find.

    ....and not so much

    • The death of Bowen Island's Wolf Dog. A very sad story for everyone concerned ...especially the wolf. Wild animals (and hybrids) do not make good pets people.

    For more info on "wolf dog"

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