Sunday, June 12, 2011


What I loved this week...

  • Well I loved the Vancouver Canucks this week especially after their nail-biting hometown win over Boston in game 5. Afterwards 100,000 Canucks fans took to the streets of downtown Vancouver to celebrate, the city has gone crazy. What a great game. Way to go Lou!

  • I kinda loved the MTV movie awards otherwise known as the Twilight awards. I didn't love the host though, he was NOT funny although I did enjoy the opening Hangover takeoff skit. Anyways Rob was in a good mood (possibly drunk)  kissing Taylor Lautner and cracking jokes and then of course we got the much awaited Breaking Dawn Trailer.

....and not so much

  • Games 3 &4 of the Stanley Cup playoffs were PAINFUL to watch as a Canucks fan. However I kinda gained a new appreciation for Boston goalie Tim Thomas. He does everything but stand on his head in goal and you gotta love a goalie that fights. Awesome! Now I just hope he sucks for the next 2 games.

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