Thursday, September 8, 2011

~REVIEW of Loreth Anne White's THE SHEIK'S COMMAND~

The Sheik's Command (Sahara Kings, Book 1)
4 of 5 stars

Opening Line: “The ragged tops of tall palms rustled quietly in a furnace like breeze and the sky pressed down over the Moorish city of Na’Jar.

Oh this was fun, whisked away to the desert land of Sheik princes, royal palaces, camels, date palms, espionage and love among the sand dunes. Not my normal fare to be sure but I really enjoyed this. Author Loreth Ann White has outdone herself with the amount of research she must have put into this story. I actually felt like I was in Africa with the sun and sand on my skin, a bejewelled scarf covering my head and a camel lurching beneath me. It was a fantastic escape.

And while this is set up a bit like the old fashioned bodice rippers -kidnapped by a handsome prince/harem situation this is definitely a contemporary romance. Our heroine is tough, independent and smart while our Sheik is realistic in the ways of running his country and modern in his thinking and dealings with women. With a sweet romance, entertaining espionage story and a couple of desert treks the only thing here that annoyed me was that the entire conflict between the H/h was based on a lack of communication (just tell him/her already) which always drives me crazy.

Nikki Hunt is on the run from her past, having lost everything seven years ago she’s changed her name, became an aid worker and is now travelling across a war torn country in Northern Africa. It’s no place for a woman, especially one in charge of a group of sick orphans. With the borders closing around her Nikki finds herself trapped and at the mercy of the “Dark King” of Al Na’Jar. Begging his help for safe passage to the Atlantic and medical aid for her children. What Nikki hadn’t counted on was being held hostage in his palace and or that she would feel such an attraction to this secretive regal man.

Prince Zakir Al Arif needs a wife in the worst kind of way. To ascend the throne he must first be married and it’s going to have to be before his progressing medical condition becomes public knowledge too. Zakir doesn’t have time to seduce a woman, which makes Nikki perfect for the job of his Queen. Not only does she speak Arabic and know the ways of his people she also appeals to his fondness of western ways. Now all he has to do is convince her that a marriage of convince would benefit both of them without falling in love. However when a traitor is revealed amongst his people and Nikki commits the ultimate act of betrayal Zakir’s time may have just run out


  1. Great review Buggy. It's just that camels kill the sexy part for me. They're ugly, smell bad and want to bite you while riding it...WOW... I just had a flashback to waking up after a high school party.

  2. I wish I'd know you then... I also had a bad experience with a REAL camel in Australia. We rode it to Vineyard and I don't remember coming back. I was hungover for 2 days.

  3. WOW...that must have been quite a binge. Not to remember riding something as ugly and smelly as that. Even I remember and she wasn't that that I think of it, she was and I should have drunk more .

  4. Did she have a camel toe??? LMAO