Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~REVIEW of Suzanne Brockmann's: TALL, DARK AND DARING~

Tall, Dark and Daring: The Admiral's Bride\Identity: Unknown

5 of 5 stars
Opening Line: "Sergeant Mathew Lange had been left to die."

I’m just loving this fun, sexy and exciting series, giving us larger then life Navy SEAL heroes, capable of anything it seems except falling in love easily. Here we get books 7 & 8 from Brockmann’s Tall Dark and Dangerous series (being re-released as 2-in1’s with way better covers) And I would have to say that these two particular stories are my favourites so far.

Using proper military jargon Brockmann gives us delicious alpha-male heroes and just the right amount of action, suspense and sweet romance to keep you coming back for more. And with each story just different enough from the last so that it feels fresh and unique while still connecting the series as a whole, they’re totally addictive too. Each can be read as a stand-alone but I recommend trying to read them in order due to the continuing story arcs, then I dare you not to fall for any member of SEAL Team Tens alpha squad.

Both of the stories here are super good, with fast paced plots, memorable characters, searing love scenes and sigh worthy endings. I couldn’t choose a favourite although Jake Robinson from (The Admiral’s Bride) really stole my heart. Who knew I had a thing for older men?

First up was the aforementioned THE ADMIRAL'S BRIDE. Yummy Jake Robinson; at 53 he’s just a great hero regardless of age; kind, selfless more then capable and oh so sexy. Defying convention our Admiral decides to lead his SEAL team here in retrieving 6 canisters of a stolen nerve agent from within a cult leader’s compound. To achieve this he’s teamed with the much younger Dr. Zoe Lange and together they go undercover, posing as a newly married couple.

The sexual chemistry is off the charts hot, in part because of the “big brother” scenario our couple find themselves in once inside the compound. With their every move being monitored they’re forced to fake newlywed intimacy, which of course brings into play real feelings. Jake however is still getting over the death of his wife and not completely comfortable with the age difference which leaves Zoe wondering if the Admirals affection is real or for the benefit of the cameras. With crazy cult members, and wisecracking SEAL’s watching everything from the base, the shower becomes the one place away from prying eyes and then lookout.

In IDENTITY UNKNOWN we get amnesiac Mitchell Shaw’s story, giving this a Bourne Identity flavour with a more romantic edge. Our hero “Mish” wakes up in a homeless shelter; dirty, bloody, in pain and apparently hung over. He also has no idea who he is. The items in his possession are of little help; an address, a gun and five thousand dollars in cash.

The address leads Mitch to The Lazy 8 ranch where manager Becca Keyes just assumes he’s her hired hand. And despite the fact that he’s useless on a horse, the sparks fly between them with Becca taking the upper hand here and seducing Mish. This proves to be interesting later when they discover a Priests collar among his belongings. Mish knows he’s not a priest because of the bad dreams but still. Throughout this clever story we piece Mish’s life back together right along with him, giving it an element of suspense. Not to mention the team of SEAL's trying to locate him through his marked cash. Mish thinks they’re the bad guys and they think he’s gone rogue. It all made for some hilarious banter and this story had me smiling throughout.


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