Saturday, November 5, 2011


An Irresistible Bachelor (An Unforgettable Lady #2)
3 of 5 stars

Opening Line: "The woman came to him from the shadows and he knew her by the red of her hair."

Written in 2004 An Irresistible Bachelor is the companion book to Jessica Bird (JR Ward’s) An Unforgettable Lady Each can easily be read as stand-alones however you’ll get much more out of this one if you read them in order. Having said that I should also tell you that while I loved Grace and particularly John from the first book, Jack and Callie’s romance here was a major disappointment and has turned out to be my least favourite Bird/Ward book to date. Unfortunately I just couldn’t ever get a feel for them as a couple, and without the suspense factor from the last book or any real notable sexual tension this time, the dreary storyline involving art restoration, family secrets and multi-billionaire businessmen running for governor just wasn’t enough to hold my interest.

However this is still Ward writing, so while the plot never grabbed me it does of course have its moments, they’re just few and far between. For example I learned everything I ever (didn’t) want to know about restoring art. Thankfully there are some great secondary characters; like Jack’s bitchy meddling mother, a one armed chef and Artie the dog. My wannabe boyfriend John Smith shows up again although he doesn’t get to speak and we meet Gray, who had me wondering if he was the same Grayson Bennett from The Moorehouse Legacy book His Comfort and Joy? Speaking of which we also get a brief cameo from Spike A Man In A Million In the end though when you care more about a little dog and cameo spotting then the heroes you know you’re in trouble and it was with a lot of eye rolling that I finished this book.

Callie Burke is a struggling art conservationist so when she’s given the chance to restore a world famous painting she of course jumps at the offer. This job could make her whole career however she probably should have also considered that’s she’d be working with its owner too; multi-billionaire (really!? MULTI billionaire?? Is that much money really necessary? What’s wrong with just a plain ole millionaire??) Anyways Callie’s going to be working alongside the notorious womanizer Jack Walker. She’s determined to keep things strictly professional, after all he is engaged but he’s also just so damn sexy. Now she just has to make sure he doesn’t learn her secret. Dun dun dah…

Jack Walker is a practical man (who BTW was way more interesting in An Unforgettable Lady) He runs his life and fortune effortlessly and except for the occasional fight with his interfering, live in mother and some bad driving skills doesn’t foresee anything changing. That is until the moment he sets eyes on Callie. He wants her like he’s never wanted anything before and the more he gets to know her the more he also realizes what his life is missing. This isn't just infatuation and to prove it he’s willing to end his engagement even if that damages his chances of becoming a mayoral candidate. Will he ever be able to overcome his former reputation and convince Callie that he really loves her? And what the hell has she done to his painting; she was supposed to be a professional? Cheers!


  1. Great review Buggy. As soon as I saw the second pic of the book, the one with the yellow polka dot tie, I knew this wasn't going to start or end with a bang.

  2. You are such a Bastard Rohg. But you do make me laugh. You're never going to let me live the "bang" down are you

  3. Arghhh

    Now that song is stuck in my head.