Friday, November 18, 2011

~REVIEW of Lorelei James' Tied Up Tied Down~

Tied Up, Tied Down (Rough Riders, #4) 
 4 of 5 stars
Opening Line: "Skylar Ellison hated being naked in public"

Giddy-Up, another smoking hot read from Lorelei James’s Roughrider series. This is book 4 and as usual theres all kinds of hot and sexy lovemakin goin on. Its also been tied together again with an awesome story; encompassing ranch life, love, heartache, the occasional dust up and of course family. You know real life kinda stuff. I’m finding this series seriously addictive and almost impossible to put down. It seems I’ve fallen hard for those wild, sexy, and charming MacKay boys, even if most of the time I can’t keep their names straight. Now all I need is a blue-eyed/black haired cowboy of my very own to play with. I’ve also got to stop talking like I’m from Wyoming Y’all because I live in Canada and my family thinks I’ve lost it.

We first met Kade and Skylar in Cowgirl Up and Ride where they had several dates and an unprotected romp in the back of a pick-up before goin their separate ways. 12 months later cattle rancher Kade McKay returns to town only to learn that he’s a daddy. Thing is though he wants to be a dad. Never mind stepping up to the plate Kade runs, embracing his new daddy status with pure delight. Given half a chance he’d also like to be a husband but independent business woman Skylar Ellison has some trust issues and won’t give an inch despite his constant marriage proposals. She’s also pretty sure he’s just asking because of the baby.

Within days Kade and Skylar move in together, under the pretence that they’ll live platonically, just sharing in the parenting duties. (Yeah right) Anyways, Kade agrees to play by her rules long enough for Skylar to see that he’s in this for the long haul. (He might love her a bit too) Since this is a Roughriders book the arrangement lasts like one chapter before desire takes over. At first their sex life is perfunctory however once Kade convinces Skylar that sex really is better with the lights on and not in the missionary position (or even indoors for that matter) things evolve to a whole new level of passion. Kade ultimately takes complete control in the bedroom; instilling the “Nekkid rule” and making quick use of some ropes, leaving Skylar in an unfamiliar ‘sub’ position but very satisfied. However nothing worth having ever comes easy. And just because Skylar’s given her body to Kade doesn’t mean she’s going to hand him the reins to her heart too. Just how much one sided lovin will this cowboy take before he finally hit’s the dusty trail?

Kade is just lovely as our cowboy daddy, he’s sweet, honest and hardworking (plus he likes a girl with curves) and in all honesty Skylar doesn’t deserve him. Of course theres a whole lot of other stuff going on here too and fans of the series won’t be disappointed. Cheers


  1. You mean people actually have sex with the lights off?... Although I have to admit while getting older a dimmer is a worthy investment.

  2. Rohg you just kill me, LMAO. It could be why the eyesight fades as we get older though. One of gods little gifts.