Friday, April 29, 2011


Today I'm suffering the effects of watching the royal wedding in its entirety from western Canada. This means of course that I stayed up all night (it started at 3a.m) and drank several too many gin and tonics. I hadn't planned on watching all of it, and surprised myself by how moved I became when I first saw William
and Harry in the car heading towards Westminster Abby. I guess because I'm old enough to remember Charles and Di's wedding I felt nostalgic having watched William grow up.
Highlights for me included; David Beckham (come on!), the parade of ridiculous hats (fascinators), Peter Mansbridge's CBC commentary, the priest with the huge eyebrows, the crowd swarming the palace, the carriage ride and of course the anticipated... kiss.


fascinator extreme

The man with the eyebrows


And then...

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  1. Now that's a job fit for a queen.