Monday, April 18, 2011


"Favorite line in Tohr's book so far: "Why the F**K are you on Youtube."

SO over on facebook today J R Ward wrote a little something that got me pretty excited  considering it was only 7 words long and its fruition is over a year away. But it appears that she has begun writing Tohr's book, YAY!!
Just when I was starting to come back down after Lover Unleashed, the anticipation and speculation starts again.

She also says she has finished Envy;

"*crawls out from underneath rock with ENVY spray painted on it* Book is onde- um, that would be "done". Of course now I have a week to review the last 200 pages- I vaguelly remember sleeping sometime around Thursday? Yup, I think that's it, but I'm sure folks know what that's liek- like, I mean. Can't type right now!"

I just love the WARDen, keeping us all updated

Something else that made me smile today and I don't know why because I'm really too old to care but I guess since Breaking Dawn filming is wrapping up this week our paparazzi-stalked little Twilight couple have decided to go public with the worst kept secret ever at the Water For Elephants premiere (great book BTW).

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