Monday, December 19, 2011


~Hilarious and I don't know why?~

The Truth About Chuck Norris: 400 Facts About the World's Greatest Human
5 of 5 stars 

Opening line: " When an episode of Walker Texas Ranger aired in France, the French surrendered just to be on the safe side."

THE TRUTH ABOUT CHUCK NORRIS is a hilarious collection of over 400 "facts" about the phenomenon know as Chuck Norris. (World's greatest human) I was in tears from laughing so hard while reading this although I'm still at a loss in how to explain why it's so funny? I can however tell you that if you Google Chuck Norris jokes you will get well over a million hits and that my 65 year old mother and police officer brother also found it highly amusing. So it seems the silliness appeals to all.

In this parody we get to learn all about Chuck Norris's amazing strength, his indestructible beard, his frightening sexual virility, the power of his fist, his ability to stop time by thinking about pineapples, the strength of his roundhouse kicks and much, much more. There are 400 "facts" inside and several cool, illustrated pictures.
Since my initiation into Chuck Norris's amazing world I have purchased 3 more copies of this book for family and friends and would recommend it to just about anyone plus it makes for a great piece of bathroom literature.

-Water boils faster when Chuck Norris watches it.

-Chuck Norris does not leave messages he leaves warnings.

-When Chuck Norris breaks wind, it stays broken.

-Sometimes the setting sun will linger just a few minutes on the horizon to get one last look at Chuck Norris.

-Superman owns a pair of Chuck Norris Pyjamas.

-The movie Rambo was inspired by Chuck Norris's time as a boy scout.

And if you don't buy this book right now and laugh Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick you back in time so you can indeed purchase THE TRUTH ABOUT CHUCK NORRIS


  1. He's actually going to play in The Expendables 2...probably going to play Stallone's Great Grand

  2. You made my day with that news. And to learn that your're a fan of Sly and his Expendables is just too much. I loved that first movie, it was awesome in an over the top way as it was meant to be. My brother and I discussed in great length who whould be good choices for another movie but I didn't know they were making one.

  3. Apparently it's Mickey Rourke's character that get's to kick the bucket and the old gang get back together to find the killers. And the sweet thing is that the lead bad guy is Van Damne...oooohhhhh yeah baby.

  4. I am so going to you for all the latest Sly gossip. Thanks for the spoilers. I wish we could see this movie together. Van Damn ... damn I hope he does that splits in underwear on the counter thingy again.. damn that Van Damn