Friday, May 27, 2011

~Last Movie I Watched- SURRENDER DOROTHY~

3 of 5 stars
This was okay. Great cast and interesting "slice of life" however the movie itself was kinda all over the place. Diane Keaton played her usually loopy self which I like but not in a role that requires her to be grieving over the death of her daughter. She was still all bubbly and silly. Super fun though to see Chris Pine playing a gay man and that cute guy from Cougar town was good too in an early role. Then there was the bearded lady; who may have just put me off soft serve ice cream forever.

Chris Pine takes on man love

Which reminds me I might just have to watch him as Captain Kirk again

Official IMDB Synopsis:
After Sara Swerdlow's death in a nightly car accident, her excessively self-righteous mother Natalie shamelessly invites herself to move into her room at the remote summer house where her friends are on holiday as often before. Gay playwright Adam fails to evict her because of happily married Peter's chevalier hospitality. Soon everyone suffers facing Sara's, and their own past and present, as Nathalie only thought she really knew her 'all-confiding' daughter, which shifts several reports.


  1. Gives a new meaning to give me all you've got Scotty.

  2. LMAO Thanks for that Rohg!