Monday, May 30, 2011


4 of 5 stars(Firefighters of Station Five, #5)
Opening Line: “On the night the world ended, Blair Tanner had told her husband to go to hell.”

Ride The Fire is the final book from the suspenseful and oh-so-sexy Firefighters of Station Five series and here, at last we get Sean Tanner’s story. Like everyone else I’d been anxiously waiting for him and fellow firefighter Eve to get their groove on -I mean this is a guy that really deserves a decent HEA, after losing his wife and children and then battling the bottle for the entire series. So I’m happy to say that despite a few silly moments Davis does our boy justice, sucking me in completely with this exciting and romantic story.

 With another action-packed storyline, some fun moments (hello fireman auction) and her usual flair for the scorching love scenes Davis also provides a worthy adversary from Sean’s past to beat him up, blow him up and generally make things interesting. I also appreciated her somewhat bittersweet ending, learning the future of all of our Station 5 team while opening up a possible window (?) for another series with the introduction of several hunky police officers.

As a whole this is a fantastic series that I’ve really enjoyed, I mean how could you not? With hard bodied firefighter heroes, erotic love scenes and exciting storylines it’s always a great ride. And while Davis takes it pretty easy on Sean here (she may have felt he’d suffered enough already) Part of the fun in reading these books is also the anticipation of how many trips to the hospital our heroes will have to endure before they get the bad guy and win the girl. Jo Davis just loves to beat up her men and it’s become a bit of a game for me counting the injuries. I also like how all the books are connected with updates from past characters and continuing story arcs. Here we get to catch up with all the boys and girls from “A’ shift with special mention given to my still favourite, Howard “6-pack”yumminess.

Fresh from rehab Captain Sean Tanner is just learning to live without the crutch of alcohol that has kept the heartbreak and nightmares of losing his family at bay. He’s also trying to regain the trust of his team after almost killing one of them. The last thing he needs now is to get distracted by a woman especially one that he works with. But how has he never noticed fellow firefighter Eve Marshal before? And as her boss how can he avoid her?

We’ve all known that Eve’s been in love with Sean since the very beginning and watching these two finally get together was explosive to say the least. Their first night is just Wow. Can you say pent up passion. Of course this little tryst is bound to get found out by the guys at the station and then it’s going to cost one of them their job. That is if Sean doesn’t pull a runner first, because he’s still a mess and convinced Eve would be better off not getting involved in his chaotic life. And then of course we have the terror from Sean’s past coming back to haunt him in the form of an old Military “pal” Jesse Rose. Best friends since childhood Jesse and Sean served in the Marines together, until that fateful night. Now it seems Jesse is back with an agenda and Sean’s past is about to catch up with him. Cheers people.


  1. Great one Buggy. Firemen and their hoses are like Police officers and their weapons.

  2. Oh Rohg, you and your quips :)I have one brother who's a fireman and the other is a cop so I can't think about those kind of things.

  3. Boys and their toys.