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~REVIEW of Suzanne Brockmann's FRISCO'S KID~

Frisco's Kid by Suzanne Brockmann
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Opening Line: "Frisco's knee was on fire"

Suzanne Brockmann’s Tall, Dark and Dangerous series is in the process of being re-released as 2-for-1’s with fancy new (and quite sexy) covers. And I have to tell you I am now all about the SEALs and can’t put this series down. These well written quickie romances are each just different enough that they all feel fresh and unique while still connected as a whole, with delicious alpha male heroes and just the right amount of suspense action and melodrama to keep you coming back for more.

Alan “Frisco” Francisco is the 3rd SEAL to have his story told and he hit my soft spot as he’s the tortured hero we’ve been hearing about since he was injured during a mission in book 1 (PRINCE JOE.) Five years have passed since then and Frisco has undergone numerous operations and extensive rehab trying to repair his shattered knee, Told that he would never get out of his wheelchair, Frisco’s had it all along in his mind that one day he would return to active duty. After all if he can’t perform as a member of the SEAL team then what good is he to anybody?

When we begin Frisco has just been let go from rehab, being told that he’s as fixed as he’s ever going to get. He refuses to accept this news or the job he was just offered teaching upcoming SEALs. Frustrated, angry and in constant pain Frisco retreats to his seldom used 2nd floor condo in San Felipe and hit’s the bottle. What the hell is he going to do with the rest of his life now? Before long we are introduced to Frisco’s well meaning and of course beautiful neighbour Mia Appleton, she’s a teacher and wants very little to do with her rude and often drunk neighbour. Cringing as she watches him struggle up the stairs, leaning heavily on his cane unwilling to accept her or anyone’s help.

When Frisco’s wayward sister shows up on her way to detox and leaves her 5 year old daughter Natasha in his care he feels helpless. What does he know about kids and how on earth is he going to look after this neglected little girl. Now I’m not one for children in my romances but this situation worked for me as Frisco never baby talked her and their interactions were often comical. ‘Tasha’ draws Mia and another neighbour Thomas (who I hope to see more of) into the fold, filling Frisco’s life with obligations and meaning.

When Mia sees how he is with Tasha she re-evaluates her opinion of him and a friendship soon develops. However as the two grow closer and it appears that Mia might have genuine feelings for him Frisco begins to panic, what could he possibly offer this beautiful woman? He’s disabled, a shell of the man he used to be and with some very dark demons to work thorough. She deserves so much more; she deserves a man that’s whole. (Or possibly me!)

As Frisco pushes Mia away trouble comes calling, in the form of his sisters nasty ex boyfriend who’s looking for the money she stole. Kidnapping, gunplay, car chases, love scenes and hand to hand fighting ensues and (thankfully) Frisco finally learns to ask for help so the rest of Alpha team shows up as well. And here Brockmann cleverly gives us tidbits of information on our former heroes while enticing us with new ones whose stories are yet to come.

This was a fantastic read that I can see myself coming back to again and I definitely recommend this series.
heres the fancy new 2-for-1 covers

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